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The Florida Dog Academy is a dog training school in Florida. We employ professional dog trainers who are Florida Dog Academy focused on client safety and satisfaction. We train top-of-the-line German Shepherd dogs for various service applications in the private and government sector.

A Dog Training School in Florida

We know that you expect the best from a professional dog training school in Florida. Our Florida dog school is modern facility with everything needed to teach a dog obedience, bomb sniffing, law enforcement and more. We can also train anyone who is interested in becoming a certified dog trainer. We operate out of a modern facility with experienced staff members. The Florida Dog Academy has over 40 years of experience in the animal training industry.

The Finest German Shepherds in Florida

Whether you are seeking a working-line or a show-line dog, or simply a furry and friendly companion to include in your family, the Florida Dog Academy has them all. We offer German Shepherd puppies and behavior modification in Florida. Additionally, we offer a wide variety of programs that range from basic obedience to search and rescue. We also train puppies.

"Florida Dog Academy is here to create bonds that will last forever!"

We Want to Share Our Knowledge With You!

We are focused on client security and safety as well as teaching people how to train and tame your wonderful pet. We will share our knowledge and wisdom with you to the fullest extent so that you can become a dog trainer too!

Are German Shepherds easy to train?

Florida Dog Academy

German Shepherds have been bread as working dogs for years, making them easier to train in comparison to other dogs. Although the German Shepherd is a relatively new breed, (only dating back to the late 1800's), their actual existence was determined for the exact purpose of creating a special dog that would be superior in the working capacity of a herding dog.

Since their beginnings over a hundred years ago, they have been consistently raised by dog breeders and trainers to be trained in a number of different working capacities, such as protection, detection, and service dogs, to name a few. The cycles of generations have produced an obedient dog breed that is loyal and well-tempered, even around children.

Reasons to Train Your German Shepherd

German Shepherds are very receptive to human interaction. They are intelligent animals with an instinctive drive to work and serve. Whether your desire is to have a working dog or simply to have a more obedient one, the Florida Dog Academy can teach your dog or puppy to perform like a trained and obedient companion. A trained dog is a happier dog, and it's owner will be happier too!

Instruction Certification

We offer certification for those who are interested in becoming a professional dog trainer. If you are interested in pursuing a career in the field of dog training, we want to help you get certified»

A Notable List of Endorsements

We have worked together with both Military and Law Enforcement Agencies, both overseas and within the United States, providing excellent quality services to our Governmental contractors. Our Florida dog facility allows us to train German Shepherds for a wide range of purposes in both private and government capacities.

A few notable clients worth mentioning are Roger Federer, Maria Sharapova, Rafael Nadal and Kim Clijsters.

"We speak English, German, Spanish and Chinese!"

Florida Dog Academy

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