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Law Enforcement Dog Training

FDA specializes in law enforcement dog training, including travel protection, security services, corporate security and more. Call us to discuss the full list of options.

Handler Training

We offer special handler instruction for all dogs we train and supply. Handler instruction and training can be carried out at our location or at the location where the dogs will be working. We offer this training locally as well as internationally.

Our Dogs are certified working dogs:

German Shepard, Malinois, Rottweiler, Labrador All of our dogs are imported and bred in Germany

Law Enforcement Dogs...








Low Prices

Our prices are very competitive and they are protected by our own Certified Workplace Agreement approved by Regulations Commissions. Our prices are negotiable on an hourly basis depending on the type of contract.

Our Trainers

Chief Trainer Alfons Fiesler is in charge of all explosive and working dogs for the German Border Police (BGS). He is also a judge for DHV schutzhund dogs, rescue dogs, and working dogs for police and military. His 40 years of experience and training methods have brought him international respect. Trainer Klaus Rempis is an explosives/narcotics trainer in Florida with over 20 years of experience.

Florida Dog Academy
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